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Fukuyoshi Torokeru Hamburg

Voted as top 50 Japanese chefs and awarded by European Monde Selection in 2016, the entrepreneur chef, having its main outlet in Kanagawa Prefecture, has culinarily formulated the best hamburg steak using Hokkaido’s Korege Wagyu.

Senri Gyutan

Grilled Gyutan (Ox Tongue) is the local delicacy of Sendai in Miyazaki Prefecture (northeastern part of Japan). Unknown to many, the least available & yet valuable part is matured for few days to maximise the taste & texture of the tongue.

Kagura Tonkatsu

Situated in the heart of renowned world heritage & tourist spot Nikko, Kagura is an old establishment serving widely loved Tonkatsu (port cutlet) cuisine. Specially selected pork from Kagoshima prefecture, each piece is hand breaded and deep fried to abstract the richness, sweetness and tenderness of pork.

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